Existing Customer Questions

Is there really 5 year warranty?

Our Five by Five limited Warranty is designed to ensure that our products continue to solve problems and serve your needs for years and years after you purchase them.

WTI’s five year limited warranty is one of the best in the industry in terms of longevity, and it also covers these five critical points:

  1. Free Parts: No charge for parts that fail due to defects in manufacturing.
  2. Free Labor: No charge for labor to correct issues caused by defects in manufacturing.
  3. Free Support (US Based): Our qualified support technicians are located on-site at WTI corporate headquarters in Irvine, California (right down the hall from our engineering staff.) When you need quick solutions to complex service issues, our entire technical and engineering staff is available to help … and we won’t pass you off to some call center on the other side of the globe.
  4. Free Firmware Patches: Free firmware patches to ensure that your WTI product is running the most up-to-date firmware version available.
  5. Fast Replacement Delivery: If your WTI unit fails due to defects in manufacturing or materials within the original warranty period and we determine that it must be replaced, WTI can have a replacement unit shipped within 24 hours.

Obviously, our warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by accidents and misuse (e.g., spilled coffee, lightning strikes or use as a boat anchor,) but in the unlikely event that the unit fails due to defects in materials or manufacturing, you can count on WTI to repair and return your WTI unit quickly and at no additional cost.

For more detailed information about Western Telematic’s five year warranty, you can read it here.

What platform/environments can your WMU run in?

The WTI Management Utility (WMU) will run on any Windows platform that can run the Microsoft .NET framework (version v2.0 – up).

For more information on the WMU, please click here

How often do you release firmware and how can I check if there is new firmware available?

The short answer is around three times per a year. The long answer is, it depends.

Due to the fact that WTI’s building in Southern California contains Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales and Service. Our ability to turn around a security fix or customer request is legendarily fast.

So on a normal schedule we will turnout three updates per a year, that could go up depending on the level of need, specific vulnerability or customer request.

Which we would like to remind you, if you have any request, comment or suggestion, please reach out at any time to us at: Contact WTI

To check our latest firmware releases (which are always free), you can check this link: WTI Firmware releases


For your Dual Ethernet units, can I use two separate networks?


Most of our customers use the Dual Ethernet units to connect to two separate networks, one facing the outside and the other using their internal protected network.

All WTI device support IP Tables and State Routes to protect and direct all your network traffic to make sure it arrives properly routed and safe.

That being said, all WTI device also support Ethernet port bonding, if you happen to have two network connections on the same network, the back up Ethernet port will take over in case the main Ethernet port goes down.

Pre Sale Questions

Are WTI products built to last ?

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What cellular carriers do you support?

Let’s just say, most of the known world.

WTI has three cellular modem options, for the United States we have a Verizon cellular modem, for North America (including the U.S., Canada and Mexico) we have the AT&T cellular modem and the third one WTI has is the World cellular modem, that covers the rest of the known world.

Here are the tech specs for:

Verizon Cellular Modem:


Check the Verizon Frequency Locator


AT&T Cellular Modem:

4G: 700(B17)/850(B5)/
3G: 850(B5)/1900(B2)
2G: 850/1800

Check the AT&T Frequency Locator


World Cellular Modem:

4G: 800(B20)/1800(B3)/2600(B7)
3G: 850(B5)/900(B8)/2100(B1)
2G: 900/1800

4G: Map of the B7-2600 Frequency

4G: Map of the B3-1800 Frequency

4G: Map of the B20-800 Frequency

3G: Map of the B1-2100 Frequency

3G: Map of the B8-900 Frequency

3G: Map of the B5-850 Frequency

2G: Map of the 850 Frequency

2G: Map of the 1800 Frequency

Map of worldwide frequency by countries

How do I purchase your products?

You can purchase WTI Products factory direct within the USA by contacting WTI directly.

WTI has distributors in every major country and can put you in touch by simply emailing us directly.


Do you provide product support?

Free Technical Support

If you require assistance with the installation or operation of your WTI products, our friendly support staff is ready and willing to help … and Technical Support is always free! We also have a demo/evaluation unit program for those who qualify. You can reach WTI Technical Support by calling toll free at 1-800-854-7226 or 1-888-280-7227 from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific Time.
Email: service@wti.com


When contacting technical support make sure to have the serial number. To get your serial number issue your unit a “/j*” and send us the output of the command. The command will let us know the make and model of the unit and what firmware it currently has in addition to the serial number.

Does your product contain Java or Flash?

No, all WTI devices do not include Java or Flash. At WTI we use our own products extensively and we consider these two things to be a problem waiting to happen.

With all the security patches and configuration tweaks to make these two platforms “secure”, we leave these products to lesser grade systems.


Which currencies do you accept?

When purchasing direct with WTI, all quotes and purchase orders must be sent in USD.

If you purchase from a WTI Distributor, their terms can vary country to country.


I am looking to configure snmpv3 for querying my DSM console. Where do I put the priv password?

ARM console Firmware version v6.53 added support for separate auth/priv password entries for SNMP v3. Please update your unit the latest firmware release.

Using SNMP to identify a WTI device

I’m looking for something contained in the OIDs that will allow me to identify a device as a WTI device.

With other devices, I’ve used either the sysObjectID or sysDescr to uniquely identify the OS of a device.

In the OID below the manufacturer ID is assigned to WTI:


The value 2634 identifies the manufacturer as WTI.

Which AES Privacy/Encryption Method is supported for SNMPv3 ?

Under the SNMP V3 configuration, WTI products support SNMP v3 AES 128 encryption.

Out of band Access

The CPM Modem connection is dropping – An error message in the audit log indicates Logout DCD off port 09: what caused this?

The message is generated when the originating modem drops the session.

Can I Daisy chain two DSM units togerther?

You can daisy two DSM units together (using a rollover cable), and remotely access the attached devices through one of the units; however, to maintain the port session to the second daisy chained unit, we will need to set port one’s disconnect character on the second unit to a character that is different from the disconnect character used in the first unit. This will allow you to freely connect to and then disconnect from ports on the second unit, and maintain the established connected session of the first TSM.  Click on the link below for an example of how to set this up.


Daisy chain DSM Units

How do I perform an XMODEM transfer?

An XMODEM transfer is sometimes needed to perform a binary upgrade of an attached device. The attached documentation will provide a sample configuration to accomplish the transfer using XMODEM.


XMODEM set up procedures

What type of USB cable do I need to connect to the serial USB port on the front?

The USB port on the front is a USB MINI. You would need an A-Male to Mini B USB cable.

Power input:

How does the RPC-4850 generate alarms if DC input A or B is lost.

The inputs are shared inputs. The RPC will only be powered from one of the input Circuits, the second input will serve as a backup power source. We do not monitor the power inputs, no alarming is available when power is lost on input A or B.


The Configure function offers the option to exclude configuration parameters related to System Parameters. However, I don’t see where it specifies what pieces of configuration are included

WMU Excluded System options


Site ID

Real time Clock

Modem phone

Serial Number

IP address

Subnet Address

Gateway Address


Static Route

IP Security

Will the WTI management software port the parameter configuration from a TSM-40 to a DSM-40?

The WMU can port the TSM file, however the parameter file will require some editing.The structure of the DSM parameter file requires the use of an XML header tag that the TSM does not supply.

The following tag,  <wti_config unit_type_info=”DSM:41:00″> will need to be added to the being of the TSM-40 parameter file before it can be sent to a DSM-40.


How to set up SSL certificates via the Web Gui

What crypto module is used in WTI Devices?

I need more information on the TSM-40 and WTI DSM-40.

Specifically which crypto module they use. In your specifications section it states:

“Utilizes an embedded validated FIPS 140-2 cryptographic module “.

I need to confirm this (NIAP, NIST or DISA).

We use the open source package OpenSSL and its NIST in the TSM and DSM.

note: what about the VMR? is it the same?

Cell Questions

I am getting the error message “Warning, SIM card not installed”, what can I do?

Verify that the SIM card is installed in the unit and is correctly seated.

We use the standard mini SIM 2FF (25mm w x 15mm H)

Please see attached document for correct installation.

Making sure the SIM is inserted correctly

What type of SIM do I need for my Cell unit?

The unit will take a standard 2FF SIM. The SIM must have a registered data plan for machine to machine (m2m). The physical dimensions of the SIM are 25mm (width) by 15mm (height).

Product Configuration

How do I save my configuration file and upload it?

Directions for saving and uploading parameters via a terminal emulation program. Example is for a terminal emulation program called TeraTerm using an AFS. The example can be used for all of our console and power products.

*Be advised that you can not load the parameter file from a PPC board into an Arm board.

**To find out what type of processor board you have issue your unit a “/j*”

Directions for saving and uploading parameters

How do I back up or restore my parameters using the WMU?

The attached documentation will walk you through the steps of backing up your unit and restoring the parameters using the WMU.

Backing Up Your Parameters Using The WMU